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Three-day trip itinerary: Capri, Naples, Sorrento

3-day trip itinerary: Capri, Naples, Sorrento

A journey through the treasures of Campania

If good food, dedication to the art of hospitality, art and culture make their common roots evident, Capri, Naples and Sorrento are actually three very different locations, capable of capturing those who visit them with their peculiarities.
This is why a three-day trip itinerary that has the three coastal cities as its protagonists can be the perfect opportunity to savour them at first hand and grasp their most distinctive features, all the while enjoying the natural beauty and rich history they hold.


Known for its stunning coastline, crystal-clear waters and beautiful beaches, Capri is the perfect location for a holiday of folklore and relaxation. Admiring its most iconic attractions, such as the Blue Grotto or the Faraglioni, you will feel like you are living a dream. Finally, come the evening, enjoy a chic dinner in one of Capri’s many restaurants.


One of the liveliest and most fascinating cities in Italy, it preserves the traces of centuries of history in its splendid squares, such as Piazza Plebiscito or Piazza del Gesù, in its fascinating shops and in the numerous museums and archaeological sites that tell its story, such as the Pompeii excavations or those of Herculaneum and Paestum. Impossible to forget is the fact that Naples is known throughout the world for its gastronomic richness: the famous Neapolitan pizza and the delicious gelato are a must.


Sorrento is a picturesque and lively town on the Amalfi Coast, just a short distance from Capri. You can decide whether to visit the town by land with a minivan, or by sea with a private boat; in the afternoon there is a visit to the Fjord of Furore while, come the evening, you can visit Amalfi, with the Cathedral of Sant’Andrea, and stroll among the traditional shops; alternatively, you can also visit Ravello and Vietri sul mare. The gastronomy will also leave you breathless: enjoying a traditional fish lunch in one of Sorrento’s excellent restaurants will be an experience.