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Limoncello Capri: Italian iconic liqueur

Limoncello Capri: the iconic Italian liqueur

A taste of the most authentic Capri

Known all over the world for its refreshingly sweet and citrusy flavour, the Limoncello of Capri is a traditional liqueur made from lemon peel that takes its name from the island of Capri, where it has been produced for centuries and enjoyed especially during the hot summer months. If you choose Capri as the destination of your next trip, you will definitely have to taste this delicacy! We will provide you with the perfect setting for your first taste.

According to traditional methods, Limoncello di Capri is made from the most genuine lemons the land has to offer, which are carefully washed and peeled, leaving only the yellow peel. The peel is then macerated in the alcohol for several days to allow the oils and aromas of the lemon to infuse into the alcohol. Sugar and water are then added to the mixture, resulting in a sweet and slightly sour syrup. The resulting liquid is then filtered and bottled, ready to be enjoyed.
Limoncello is typically served cold and is often used as a digestif after meals. It can also be mixed with other drinks, such as sparkling water or tonic, to create a refreshing cocktail. In addition, Limoncello is sometimes used in cooking, particularly in desserts, where it adds a citrus touch to dishes such as tiramisu.

Today, Limoncello is a popular liqueur even outside Italy; but if you want to taste the original, hand-crafted one, you’ll have to come and taste it in Capri!