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Food and wine tours

Food and wine tours

Experience the flavours of Capri

Capri is famous for its scenic beauty, but also for its delicious and unique cuisine: food and wine tours are the perfect opportunity to discover the flavours and aromas of the island, tasting its typical products and meeting its producers.
In fact, a food and wine tour offers not only the chance to taste the most authentic local flavours, but also to meet local producers and listen to their stories and traditions. Here are some of the experiences you absolutely cannot miss:

    • visit a local farm, where you can taste the Sorrento lemon IGP, a typical product of the island, known for its fragrance and acidity which are perfect for desserts and drinks, such as the famous Limoncello;
    • visit a winery that produces high quality white and red wines, using indigenous grapes such as Piedirosso and Caprettone;
    • visit a cheese factory, to taste goat’s cheese, made from fresh goat’s milk.

From Capri pastries to fine wines

You should not miss a visit to a local pastry shop, to taste typical island desserts such as torta caprese, a chocolate and almond cake, or Sfogliatella, a small pastry filled with ricotta and candied fruit. In addition, it is possible to participate in tastings of local wines, accompanied by the island’s cheeses and cured meats to help better appreciate the taste and the aroma of the wines. In this way, one can discover the variety of wines produced on the island, such as the famous ‘Furore bianco‘ or the ‘Costa d’Amalfi DOC‘ and learn how to pair them with typical island foods. Finally, you can enjoy lunch or dinner in a local restaurant, where you can sample the island’s Mediterranean cuisine, based on fresh fish, vegetables and local spices.

In short, a food and wine tour on Capri is an unmissable experience for food and wine lovers, allowing them to discover the island’s culture and traditions through its typical products, meet local producers, and learn the art of Capri cuisine. It is an unmissable opportunity for those who want to get to know the island in an authentic and traditional way.