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Luxury yacht charter

Capri yacht rental

Renting a luxury yacht offers a unique opportunity to experience the ultimate in luxury and comfort while exploring the beauty of the sea of Capri. Designed to offer an unforgettable experience, this type of Capri yacht service will give your holiday an extra touch of exclusiveness.

Capri My Day Travel & Experiences will provide you with the yacht that’s right for you, allowing you to access a level of privacy that is not possible with other forms of travel, and to be able to manage the pace of your itinerary in complete autonomy to remote destinations that are not accessible by traditional means of transport. Complete with all the comforts and services guests may require, many luxury yachts are equipped with special features such as Jacuzzis, private pools, gourmet cousines, luxury furnishings and a highly trained and experienced crew.

Finally, don’t forget that chartering a luxury yacht could be the perfect way to make events such as weddings, anniversaries and corporate events even more special. Indeed, by chartering a yacht, guests can enjoy a truly unforgettable experience for themselves and their guests.